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The Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

Providing deep insights into enterprise cyber risk and operational capability.

Cyber Risk is a Contagion

The global cyber threat puts everyone at risk.

Organisations need to work with their customers and vendors to monitor and manage the behavioural and compliance risk across the industry value chain.

aug | ment | or can be utilised to assess the operational risk. Providing the foundations for changing enterprise behaviour and enhancing organisational resiliance to the 24/7 global cyber threat.

Benefits to Insurance Brokers

The Cyber Insurance Advisory Tool matches Enterprise Threats to risk transfer and risk mitigation solutions. Now the broker can sell insurance products and high value cyber security products at the same time.

Benefits to Insurance Carriers

The data generated by the tool can be used to price enterprise risk and improve product development.

Benefits to Cyber Security Software Vendors and MssP's

Having insurance brokers undertake the preliminary needs analysis with the prospect significantly reduces the cost of customer acquisition for Cyber Security Software Vendors and MssP's.

Benefits to Enterprise Customers

The data generated by the tool can be used to to quantify enterprise risk, monitor enterprise performance and improve operational compliance.

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